Places and facilities


Milano, Città Studi, via Golgi 19

Lecture rooms

  • from 100 to 405, via Celoria 20
  • from 501 to 503, via Valvassori Peroni 21
  • from 600 to 603, via Pascal 36
  • from C01 to C13, via Mangiagalli 25 (corner Colombo 62)
  • from G07 to G30, via Golgi 19
  • from M01 to M03, via Mangiagalli 31
  • from V1 to V10, via Venezian 15
  • from A a H, via Balzaretti 9
  • L04, via Golgi 19

Computer Labs and Classrooms

The University offers students, research fellows, postgraduates and university personnel computer labs and computerized classrooms by reservation, which are available for autonomous use of the resources and for completion of the required online registration.


  • Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Via Venezian 21 (4th floor)
  • Laboratory of Qualitative Analysis, Via Venezian 21 (2nd floor) 
  • Laboratory of Quantitative Analysis, via Mangiagalli 25
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology, Via Celoria 20


Library of Pharmacy

At the Biomedical Library of Città Studi, Valvassori Peroni Street, n. 21 (Milan), texts, scientific journals and collections are available.